Welcome to the MedE Recruit Website.  This document will inform you about MedE Recruits Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, how MedE Recruit uses and handle Personal Information, and the terms under which you may use the MedE Recruit website.

The website is offered to you on the condition that you accept, without modification to the terms, conditions and notices contained herein. Accordingly, using the website and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you indicate that you accept all the terms and conditions and notices herein.


MedE Recruit has taken and will continue to take care in the development, preparation and maintenance of the content for the MedE Recruit website. Furthermore, MedE Recruit will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that accurate information and job listings are posted on the website.

MedE Recruit can not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any information or content on this site.  MedE Recruit shall not be liable for any losses as a result of reliance on information provided.

The content of this website may be changed at any time without notice.

MedE Recruit accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from reliance on any statements contained on this website.  The information provided on this Web Site is provided without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

While MedE Recruit uses reasonable efforts to obtain information from sources that it believes to be reliable, it makes no representation that the information or opinions contained on the website, or associated links to the website, are accurate, reliable or complete. Accordingly, MedE Recruit will accept no responsibility or liability for any material or services contained on any website not under the control of MedE Recruit.

MedE Recruit does not warrant that the functions contained in the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, that the site or any server that makes it available is free from viruses or other harmful components, or that successful or accurate results or outcomes will result from your use of this site.


Please read this notice before you provide the required Personal Information. By providing us with your Personal Information, you consent to MedE Recruit processing your Personal Information, which MedE Recruit undertakes to process strictly in accordance with this Section 18 informed consent document and the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.


MedE Recruit herein being a Sole Proprietor hereinafter referred to collectively as “Company”.

In terms of a law known as the Protection of Personal Information 4 of 2013 (POPIA), everyone has the right to privacy, including the right to the lawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of personal information.

To give effect to this right, the Company is under a duty to provide any person whose personal information is processed by it, known as a data subject, with a number of details pertaining to the use of and subsequent processing of the data subject’s personal information, before such information is used or processed.

In accordance with this requirement, the Company sets out below:

  • The information being collected as well as the source thereof.
  • The purpose for which the information is collected
  • Whether the supply of the information is voluntary or mandatory;
  • The consequences of failure to provide the information; and
  • How the information will be used and shared.


This is the privacy policy of the Company.  This Policy applies to all dealings with The Company, whether orally, in writing or electronically, and whether owned by, established by, used by, hosted by and/or accessed by data subjects, which data subjects include, without detracting from the generality thereof, the Company’s candidates/applicants, client’s, employees service providers and/or other third parties who may access and make use of the Company’s written records and/or electronic platforms.

This privacy policy furthermore applies to:

The data subjects which may make use of, or access the Company’s services, written records and electronic platforms, and all the processing of personal information by the Company as a result of a data subject making use of, any services of the Company, except to the extent that a separate POPIA policy has been issued in respect of a specific service or product and related processing activities.


The Company takes the privacy and protection of a data subject’s personal information very seriously and will only process a data subject’s personal information in accordance with POPIA and the terms of this privacy statement.

In turn, where the Company provides any of its personal information to a responsible party or operator, then such person will be required as a condition of receiving such information, to process such personal information in accordance with POPIA and the terms of this privacy statement.

Accordingly, the relevant data privacy principles relating to the processing of personal information, whether that belonging to the Company or that belonging to a data subject (including, but not limited to, the collection, handling, transfer, sharing, correction, storage, archiving and deletion) will apply without exception, save where POPIA provides for such an exception, to all and any personal information provided by the Company to another or received by the Company.


By accessing or using the Company’s services, website, URLs, and/or when sending or receiving emails using any of the Company email addresses, the data subject;

Acknowledges that it has read and understood this section 18 informed consent notice and related provisions;

  • agrees to be bound by this section 18 informed consent notice and the privacy policy;
  • agrees to comply with this section 18 informed consent notice and privacy policy; and
  • gives the Company consent to process and further process the required personal information in accordance with this section 18 informed consent notice.


The Company will receive personal information pertaining to a data subject when the data subject interacts with the Company, whether by physical, telephonic or otherwise electronic contact.

On contact, the Company will use and process the data subject’s personal information for a variety of purposes, depending on the nature of the contact, which without detracting from the generality thereof may include:

  • for the purposes of identifying and/or verifying the data subject’s details;
  • for the purposes of providing information and recruiting services that the data subject may have requested;
  • for employment application and recruiting purposes;
  • for the purposes of managing any information pertaining to the data subject;
  • for general administration purposes;
  • for legal or contractual purposes;
  • for the purposes of recovering unpaid fees and/or any other amount due to the Company;
  • for the purposes of research, analytical and statistical purposes;
  • for the purposes of informing a data subject about the Company products and services; and
  • making such information available to third parties if it protects or pursues the legitimate interest of the data subject, the Company, or such a third party.

To perform the purposes described above, the Company may from time to time share a data subject’s personal information with the following parties:

  • the Company’s employees, which will only be done on a need-to-know basis;
  • the Companies Clients who are seeking staff ;
  • the Company operators such as service providers and agents who perform services on our behalf will only be done on a need-to-know basis and in terms of an operator agreement.

The Company does not share a data subject’s personal information with any third parties who have not been described above, unless:

  • the Company is legally obliged to provide such information to another for legal or regulatory purposes;
  • the Company is required to do so for purposes of existing or future legal proceedings;
  • the onward transmission or sharing of personal information is necessary for the pursuance or protection of the Company’s legitimate interests or that of the data subject or a third party;
  • the Company is involved in the prevention of fraud, loss, bribery or corruption and is using another agent or service provider under a mandate to provide such service,
  • and under all of the abovementioned circumstances, the Company will take reasonable measures to ensure that such personal information is only provided to the recipient if such recipient undertakes to keep the information confidential and secure.
  • When the Company has to transfer the data subject’s personal information across the South African borders, it will ensure that before the transfer, the recipient agrees to be bound by POPIA. The recipient will be bound under and in terms of a set of binding corporate rules or binding agreements that provide an adequate level of protection and uphold the principles for the reasonable and lawful processing of such personal information.


Whilst the Company will make every effort to ensure the integrity and accuracy of a data subject’s personal information, this may not at all times be possible. Following this, the data subject accepts the responsibility for keeping its / her or his information up to date and undertakes to inform the Company of any changes to its / his or her personal information. This can be done by updating your information on the company website:, or by submitting a request to the Company’s Information Officer, Erika Myburgh

A data subject has a right to access any personal information that the Company may have and may ask the Company to correct any inaccuracies in or any such personal information.


The Company makes all reasonable efforts to keep its data secure at all times; however, it advises that it cannot guarantee the security of any information provided to us or by us. Accordingly, the Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or unauthorised use or interception of information transmitted in accordance with this privacy statement.

The Company website may contain links to other websites outside of the Company's control. The Company is not responsible for the content, privacy or security of these other third party-controlled websites.

The Company has placed cookies on its website, which makes contact with your / a data subject’s device to help make its website better. A data subject may change these cookie settings by accessing the relevant settings. When the settings are not amended or modified, the Company will accept that you are happy that these cookies access and use your details.

The Company may use social plug-ins of social networks such as Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Please note that the Company has no influence on or control over the extent of the data retrieved by the social networks’ interfaces, and the Company can accordingly not be held responsible or liable for any processing or use of personal information transmitted via these social plug-ins. For information on the purpose and extent of the data retrieval by the social network concerned and the rights and settings possibilities for protecting your private sphere, please refer to the data protection information provided by the social network in question.

Subject to the provisions above, the Company has implemented the appropriate technical and organisational security measures required to protect all personal data it holds from and/or against unauthorised access, accidental or wilful manipulation, loss or destruction.


We only collect the information you provide to us.

We may request information from you from time to time, and by you providing the information so requested, you consent to the processing thereof in terms of this privacy statement.

Should you fail or refuse to provide any information requested by us, such failure or refusal may impact the quality and extent of the service we provide.

All information is provided voluntarily by the data subjects but is mandatory for our services’ performance.


You can contact the Company about this Privacy policy by writing to us at  or by phoning our office number 0824409654.


We reserve the right to and may, from time to time, update this Privacy Notice. Any such revision will be published as an amended version on our website. Accordingly, any change to this Policy will be posted as an updated version and readers are advised to regularly visit and re-read this Policy.


General Recruiting Terms

Whilst every care is taken by MedE Recruit, and every endeavour has been made with regard to assessing the capabilities, competence and honesty of candidates to meet the client’s requirements, MedE Recruit cannot give a warranty in this regard, nor can MedE Recruit accept any responsibility of any nature whatsoever and howsoever it may arise for the fidelity of employees introduced by MedE Recruit or for any damage howsoever arising from any action of candidates introduced by MedE Recruit.  Therefore we require that our clients personally interview and approve the candidate’s capabilities and skills in their own best judgement.

The engagement of a candidate introduced by MedE Recruit will be deemed to be an acceptance of our Fee Structures & Terms.

The placement fee becomes due for payment by the client when the candidate commences employment with the client’s Company or a party to whom the client introduces the candidate.

The appropriate fee shall be charged and become payable in accordance with these terms if any candidate introduced by MedE Recruit is engaged by the client or by a party to whom the client introduces the candidate; on a permanent, temporary, contract, subcontract, outsourcing, freelancing, business associate or partnership basis; within an 18 (eighteen) month period after the introduction. If a candidate is introduced for a position outside of South Africa or for relocation to South Africa, the abovementioned period shall be 24 (twenty-four) months. These terms shall apply irrespective of whether or not the position and/or job contents are the same as those for which the candidate was originally introduced.

Should a job assignment be given to MedE Recruit as a contract assignment with a view to going permanent, MedE Recruit will charge an appropriate fee for the contract assignment period. No guarantee applies. Once the position becomes permanent, the client will, in addition, be liable for the full fee.  This fee will be the fee agreed upon, and it will have the standard Guarantee (if selected) and Terms.

Should a permanent job assignment change to a temporary, contract, sub-contract, outsourcing or freelance assignment basis, regardless of the change, MedE Recruit will charge a permanent placement fee as per MedE Recruits' agreed on Fee, Guarantee (if relevant) and Terms.

If a job offer is made to a candidate and subsequently it becomes evident that the recruitment instruction came from a member of the client’s staff who was not authorised to do so, the full placement fee becomes payable as per MedE Recruits standard Fee Structure, Guarantee (if selected) and Terms.

If a job offer is made to a candidate and is verbally accepted by that candidate, and the Company, for whatever reason, later retracts the job offer, the full placement fee is payable to MedE Recruit.

Suppose the client, without directly agreeing to engage a candidate introduced by MedE Recruit, introduces that candidate to any person or body, and should that other person or body subsequently engage that candidate on any basis (point 3), within 18 (eighteen) months. In that case, the client will be liable for the placement fee,  just as if the client had engaged the candidate.

If, due to the client’s breach of any of the terms, MedE REcruit is forced to institute any legal proceedings against the client, then and in that event, the client shall pay all tracing fees, legal costs and collection commission incurred by MedE Recruit on an attorney and client scale.

In the event of a Candidate completing a temporary assignment or work of any nature with a Client and subsequently accepts further work from the client in any capacity (as per point 3), MedE Recruit shall be entitled to charge the fixed placement fee calculated as per our permanent/ temporary fee structure. Work in this sense is defined as work of any nature, whether direct or indirect, temporary or through another labour broker. This fee shall prevail unless otherwise arranged in writing.

If the client cancels a job assignment at the offer stage for any reason whatsoever, MedE Recruit will charge a Consulting Fee calculated on all costs incurred for the period worked on the assignment up to and including the offer stage.

MedE Recruit is not a Labour Law Consultancy and therefore can not provide you with Labour Law assistance, contracts or services.

Candidate Confidentiality

The responsibility for POPIA compliance resides with the practice/business owner(s) and allocated Information officer.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that you:

Have a privacy policy in place for your business and that you are compliant with the POPI act.

The client agrees that all Personal Information concerning the candidate furnished by MedE Recruit shall be treated in the strictest confidence and in compliance with the POPI Act.

The client herewith agrees that they will not divulge or share the candidate's Personal Information with anybody.

The client agrees that they shall not contact the applicant's current employer without the candidate’s written consent.

The client herewith agrees that they will:

Consider a candidate's application within five (5) working days of receipt from MedE Recruit.  Should you require more time to consider the applicant, please inform MedE Recruit Accordingly.

Inform MedE recruit of their decision to accept or regret a candidate timeously.

When regretting a candidate (before or after an interview), you will:

Destroy any regretted Candidate/Applicants Personal Information (CV and any other Personal Information shared by MedE Recruit) and delete the applicants’ personal information within 48 hours (2 days) of regretting the applicant and inform MedE Recruit accordingly.

Remove all data from your email inbox and saved copies from your mobile phone, computer or laptop.

Destroy all hard copies printed by shredding all Personal Information.

If you decide to hire a candidate, you agree that you will take responsibility for the individuals’ private information under your business/practices privacy policy.


The recruiting process will commence once we receive a completed copy of the MedE Recruit Terms.

Please return timeously to avoid delays in finding a suitable candidate/s.

We accept Electronically completed Documents.

We will only invoice if and when we make a successful placement. No Placement, no fee.

We require Private Information from Clients to upload company details onto our system to list vacancies.

Clients can request a copy of the terms and fees from


Herewith, MedE Recruit undertakes to Process the Personal Information of the Candidate/ Applicant in line with the POPIA requirements.

The Candidate/Applicant acknowledges that the collection and processing of Personal Information are necessary for the recruitment process.

By agreeing to our terms and by sending us your application, CV, resume, qualifications, or any other document that falls under Personal Information, you, the candidate/applicant, agree to the following:

  • You voluntary authorise MedE Recruit to keep and process your Personal Information
  • You have read and understood the MedE Recruit POPI Act Policy and Terms listed.
  • You have no objection to us keeping your Personal Information on our database for future positions
  • You permit MedE recruit to contact you to discuss suitable vacancies and obtain permission to forward your CV to a client or purpose.
  • Furthermore, by supplying MedE Recruit with your Personal Information, you permit MedE Recruit to use your Personal Information for recruitment purposes.

The Applicants/Candidates' rights:

  • The candidate has the right to know what information MedE Recruit has, how that Personal Information is being used, and when and to whom MedE Recruit will disclose that Personal Information.
  • A copy of the MedE Recruit Privacy Policy is available and obtainable from the MedE Recruit website wherein all the above information is made available.
  • The candidate/applicant has the right to correct their details at any time. MedE Recruit endeavours to keep your information up to date as far as possible.  Should any of your details change, please notify us to make our records as accurate as   Your Personal Information can also be updated by logging into your profile via our website.
  • The applicant/candidate has the right to revoke the consent given to MedE Recruit in terms of this form at any time. Your revocation should be in writing and addressed to
  • Revoked consent can not be backdated and will not affect the use of your information already made before the date of revocation.

Reference Checks General Terms

  • Reference checks play an essential role to determine a candidate's suitability for a position. Therefore MedE Recruit endeavours to and where possible do work-related reference on candidate in the final stage of the process.  The reference check will ideally be done, where possible, with an individual who was the candidate’s immediate superior or the Owner of the Business the candidate worked for.
  • MedE Recruit accepts written references. However, we still require the referees’ contact details (email or phone) to confirm the document’s validity.
  • MedE Recruit will only do a reference check with prior consent from the candidate. Thus the candidate/applicant must consent to the processing of their information.  MedE Recruit will only contact a referee if a candidate directly provides MedE Recruit with a Referee’s details, whether via their cv, email, or WhatsApp message.
  • The referee has the right to inform MedE Recruit of their decision not to reference a candidate.
  • MedE Recruit may decline a candidate's application should we be unable to confirm the validity of a reference or if we cannot get hold of a referee.

Declaration and informed consent:

Herewith the candidate/applicant declares:

  • All Personal Information supplied to MedE Recruit is accurate, up to date, is not misleading, and is complete in all
  • That all information provided is accurate and an honest representation of your work history, skills and experience.
  • The Candidate/Applicant undertakes to notify MedE Recruit of any changes to Personal Information immediately should any of these details
  • Furthermore, the candidate permits MedE Recruit to process my Personal Information, as stated above, and acknowledge that they understand the purposes for which it is required and what it will be used for.
  • By agreeing to these terms, you declare that you have consent/permission from all referees, whether listed on your CV, provided to MedE Recruit via email, telephone or WhatsApp. You also declare that you are allowed to share their Personal Information with MedE Recruit.
  • Herewith the candidate declares that they will keep the clients’ information confidential and that you will not share their Personal Information or any information about the vacancy with anybody.
  • The candidate/applicant also agree not to contact the client directly or indirectly and that you will not personally submit your CV directly to the client without prior notice and approval of MedE Recruit.
  • The candidate/applicant understands that MedE Recruit does not guarantee that any client will offer any candidate an interview or respond to their application. Nor do we guarantee that any vacancy listed on the website is still vacant when an application reaches MedE Recruit.  Nor can MedE Recruit be held responsible for any vacancy placed on hold or closed by the client.
  • Whilst every care is taken by MedE Recruit to ensure that the client/employer is transparent and provides accurate information about their vacancy and Company, MedE Recruit doesn’t accept any responsibility of any nature whatsoever for the actions of the Client/Employer, nor for any damages howsoever arising from any actions of the client/employer.
  • Therefore we require that our candidate/applicant meet directly with the client/employer and ensure that they are happy with the Company, offers and agreements made in their own best judgements.

By accepting the terms, you agree to the above and confirm that you have read and understood the MedE Recruit POPI Act Policy and agree that your personal information can be used for Recruiting Purposes.  You also herewith give MedE Recruit Permission to use your personal information to assist you in finding employment.  You furthermore agree that you are aware that MedE Recruit will securely keep your personal information for a reasonable time.  You also agree to all terms listed above.

You acknowledge that you have read and understood this document.


This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these, the cookies that are categorised as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyse and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience.


When using the MedE Recruit Website, you will be allowed to subscribe to the MedE Recruit newsletter. MedE Recruits use the News Letter to inform clients and candidates/applicants about available vacancies, candidates seeking employment, international opportunities and industry-related information.

When subscribing to the newsletter, please ensure that you supply MedE Recruit with a valid email that belongs to you (candidate/applicant or client).  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered by a candidate/applicant or client.  This is called a double opt-in procedure.  This confirmation email is used to prove whether the Owner of the email address is authorised to receive the newsletter.

The personal data collected as part of a registration for the newsletter will only be used to send our newsletter.  There will be no transfer of personal data collected by the newsletter service to third parties.

The subscriber can terminate or opt-out of the subscription at any time.  The consent to the storage of personal data, which the candidate/applicant or client has given for shipping the newsletter, may be revoked at any time. For the purpose of revocation of consent, an unsubscribe link is found in each newsletter.  You can also forward a written request to


The MedE Recruit website contains a Contact Us option that directly communicates with MedE Recruit.  If a data subject contacts us via the Contact Us option, the data provided are automatically stored.  Such personal data transmitted are stored for the purpose of processing or contacting the data subject who placed the request.  There is no transfer of this personal data to third parties.


By accepting these terms, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined above.

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